Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Sports Therapist and a Physiotherapist?

A Sports Therapist uses many of the same techniques as a physiotherapist in treatment. A Sports Therapist is trained in and specialise in musculoskeletal and sports injuries. They have a sports science background covering physiology, nutrition, psychology and focus on the rehabilitation of the patient to optimum fitness whatever their age or ability. Whilst the focus is on sports injuries, many musculoskeletal injuries gained from day to day life (bad backs, sore necks etc.) can also be treated by a Sports Therapist. A Physiotherapist will be trained in respiratory and neurological injury as well as musculoskeletal injuries and will tend to specialise in one of those areas.

What do I need to wear for a treatment?

You will need to wear something that will allow me to examine the area that is injured. Loose clothing is good and shorts are ideal. Sports clothes or clothes you train in are fine. It may be necessary to examine your back and neck so a sports bra for women or a top that can be lifted up is helpful. You will never be expected to wear anything or remove clothing if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Can you treat children?

Yes, children can be treated but if they are under 16 they need to be with a parent or guardian.

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